Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Right Fit

I am not an every size project fits me type salesperson.

It seems in today’s tough economy distributors are bidding on any and every project that comes their way.  While I understand the knee jerk reaction I personally don’t feel it is the best approach.   In order to provide the best experience for a customer I think both size and project type need to be considered.

A large distributor that employs estimators, salespeople, detailers, project managers and warehouse staff should be able to excel at a project with 600 openings.  That same project would likely cause a nervous breakdown to a small distributor where the salesperson wears each of those hats at every moment.   Another reason to really spend time making sure a project is the right fit, don’t over extend!  Financially 600 openings = 600 frames and doors, 1800 hinges and so much more, that is a lot of monetary output with payment running at 45-60 days. 

Personally I like to keep my customer service level high so I always get a phone call for the re-order.  You know the next job the boss is always asking about.  My own rule of 100 and under works best for me.  I typically don’t bid a project with over 100 openings unless it is for a very good customer and the count is close.

I just closed a 105 opening project which makes me excited and terrified all at the same time.  With my existing work load plus the new project I won’t bid a lot of work to make sure I meet the material and time requirements of the jobs.  In the meantime I will balance a lot of hats and be counting a lot of hinges!

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