Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet you in 10

I admit it I like a good meeting.  If a meeting has a goal, schedule and precise ending I think it can be very useful in keeping everyone informed.  When I started at my current job meetings were rare.  I was a little surprised so I suggested weekly production meetings again and again and again.  Finally everyone was on board and we have held a weekly team meeting since.  We discuss accounts receivables, quote requests, jobs in progress, lead times, marketing ideas and how we can provide better value to our customers.   I keep minutes, type them up and email them to all office/sales staff.   This has helped avoid double quoting on the same project, keeping sales aware of customer’s account status and the production schedule. 

We are all learning how to be more concise when reporting on our current work load.  More importantly to me I feel it helps us all feel part of a team instead of individual players.  We each get a chance to discuss concerns and express opinions on the state of our business. 

My goal this morning before walking into today’s meeting will be: be prepared; be brief; be supportive.

Our meetings aren’t nearly as funny!  http://youtu.be/kF8QqwWB3_A

What makes a meeting worthwhile for you?

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