Monday, April 25, 2011

3 Day Weekend

Ya’ll are going to call me crazy but I have a hard time with time off unless I have activities specifically planned.  This weekend all I had planned were chores (which I don’t consider activities) I hadn’t gotten to yet.  All I hear in my head when thinking about starting a chore – it’s early I have the whole weekend!   Here it is Sunday at 5:30 and none of my chores have been completed except some shopping.

What I did instead? On Friday I worked a bit, went out and measured some doors for a customer.  Other than that I read, drew, painted, watched some movies and napped.  I know it is good to unplug and relax but I wish I had more...I don’t know focus, drive, energy – all three! 

Part of it is watching my budget; I no longer get in the car and just drive and discover new places.   But a big part of it is me.  Like so many I work hard 50-65 hours a week and there is little energy leftover.  I make lists with big plans, like this weekend, but many times I ignore it.  I also seem to work best “at the last minute”.   Makes for crazy!

When my co-workers ask me tomorrow if I had a nice weekend I will say yes, cause I did, but I will cringe a little inside knowing I didn’t get done what I should have.

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  1. All I am going to say is that my lists have gotten shorter and shorter as I have gotten old. some weekends I don't plan anything knowing the wife will just tell me what to do. the hard part was learning to be ok with the shorter list. But I can assure you I know this feeling well.