Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moving to the Gateway

I have been slowly spreading the word that I will be moving from Tampa to St. Louis mid-July to start an exciting new job with Hager Companies. I am lucky enough to have been offered a job that merges my knowledge of the door and hardware industry with my passion for social media. 

I have been selling Hager products for the entire 20 years I have been in the industry. It started with hinges and as Hager branched out to locks and closers, I did too. I found that both the locks and closers were great products, at a reasonable cost and with lifetime warranties.  That beat any other product that I could offer. My customers have been satisfied with Hager products.  And by satisfied I mean I never have any complaints about the products! I feel I have grabbed the brass ring to have this opportunity to be a part of the Hager Team!

As excited as I am about my new opportunity I am sad to leave my home for the last 17 years and most especially the friends that I have made here. I have been blessed to have lived in an amazing neighborhood called Seminole Heights and have never experienced anything like it. People care in this community. People share in this community. I will miss the many yappy hours, yoga parties and game days. I will miss the sore muscles that come with constant belly laughs when we gather together. I will miss my new Relay For Life crew members that I have had the joy of working with over the past 9 months.

I know the friendships will survive the new distance and we will become familiar with Skype and Facetime.  I also know I will be back to visit though I am sad the dogs probably won’t see their girls, Trixie and Carsen, again.

In the meantime I am working on downsizing my belongings. That alone might be an entire blog post!  The house currently has a contract on it. Again, amazingly blessed that neighbors were ready to upsize with their growing family and thought my house, with its big backyard, would be perfect. 

The only less than bright spot has been trying to find housing in St. Louis.  I think I have it settled now.  If this is “the place” I can’t wait to share it with you!  Waiting for a lease to be emailed to me so I can sign and send a deposit!

July 12th is my last day with a-fabco and I roll out of Tampa on July 19th.