Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Make Sure You Are Protected.

I joined a-fabco, inc. about a year and a half ago and  it has been an interesting fit.  I supply doors, frames and hardware and afab manufacturers and sells leaded doors, frames and hardware and much more.  I was brought on to offer the whole package, lead and non lead, to the customers.  I also brought loyal customers with me who consist of end users and general contractors.

I have been very busy with the non lead side of the biz but have managed to learn a few things about radiation shielding protection.  When you sit in the dentist chair and get those uncomfortable bite wing x-rays you wear a lead shield apron right?  The dental technician steps behind a barrier / glass / wall.  Those items along with the drywall are all lead to protect the other people nearby.  APhysicist determines the thickness of the lead protection based on a machines radiation output. Other areas where lead is required are CT Scans, Mobile Labs, Nuclear Medicine, Non Destructive Testing Rooms and Isotope Work Stations to name a few. 

1/4" Lead Mobile Barrier
  What the guys build in the shop is amazing! 

Vault Door

This is a mobile barrier with 1/4" lead that we are getting ready to ship to a customer. 

Here is a vault door that is 18" thick!  The hinges on these doors are crazy and I will be writing about those in the future.  We also offer design assistance. 

So the next time you are walking down a corridor in a hospital or any type of facility that has x-ray equipment you are protected, against radiation anyway.  If you would like to learn more please visit

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