Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Down South
We all have had it happen.  We all learn and grow from the challenges.  But during the travel southward it is a roller coaster ride.  I am talking about projects that bite (me in the ass!) 

No matter how hard one works it seems trouble lurks around every corner.  At 4:50 pm today I was bit.  I am hoping it is just a nip and I can remove the teeth tomorrow.  In the meantime, tonight, I am thinking about any and all possible solutions.  Until I know my course or have exhausted all possibilities I won't call the customer. 

I know these challenges are opportunities to shine but there are 5 or 10 minutes where I want to just scream! Of course I don't because it is counterproductive.  If I am really upset and need to get a grip I close my office door for a few minutes. 

What helps the most however is at the end of my day, on my drive home, my BFF and I spend 40 minutes expunging all that wasteful energy.  Some days we have equal amounts, some days one of us needs the whole 40 minutes.  The best are when we both have had great days full of productivity!


  1. The easiest are jobs that go bad, presumably you get by them and move on. I've seen it where a customer through no fault of their own just seems to be on the receiving end of some of the most tragic mistakes we make time and again. Great customers, just bad juju. I only wish I could explain it better when it happens, but I'm left just shaking my head.

    In the end all we can do is go out there and do our best day in and day out. Everything works out.

  2. You are absolutely right Kyle. I work hard to not let the customer see all the hoops I jump through when the job starts to slide. There doesn't seem to have rhyme or reason to it. I am still keeping my fingers crossed on because my current hiccup isn't solved yet! Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Hi Ginny,
    You are not alone! I had one recently where it was one thing after another. Wanted to bang my head on a wall. Lucky, it doesn't happen too often and the experience can become a good asset to take to future situations. In the moment, though, it sucks.