Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let’s Blog Off – Things that make me go hmmm?

Every two weeks Bloggers unite for a day to write about a communal topic.  This week the title is where do you get your ideas?

That’s the real answer, whatever makes me go hmmm.  Unloading the dishwasher last night I had an hmmm moment.  It was a thought that gave me pause and then a laugh.  It will probably become a blog post. 

It is more introspective for me than an aha moment simply because I ponder the hmmm until I can write or think it out.  It may graduate to an aha moment or dive back into my subconscious until I am ready to face it.   I love when it is a laugh out loud moment!

That tilt of the head, for me, is a great feeling.  It means I am in the moment and not thinking ahead or behind.  Which happens far too often is this busy world.   

My excessive use of a calculator tells me I am not a left brain person.  Do right brain people hmmm more often than left brain?  I don’t know though I would tend to think so. 

What makes you go hmmm?



  1. Now I gots that song running through my head.. You're so right, though.. it is never the AHA! moments, but the Hmmmmm moments that start us down the path to ideas. Now that's a book!


  2. Something to get your groove on;) I just had a glimpse (in my mind)of the book cover too! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Excellent point on Hmmm-ing our way to new thoughts...I find that whenever I am reading a book - for leisure or class - if I come across a place that makes me stop, put the book down, and rework the passage in my own head, I learn so much more from that one moment of introspection than I do from the entire chapter. While I do catch myself cocking my head to the side sometimes, more often it's the staring-at-nothing-in-particular look that denotes the grinding of the gears for me. Sometimes it's a little awkward - especially if someone walks into the room and sees me, head tilted to the side and eyes glazed over, yet somehow completely absorbed.

  4. I agree that the hmmm moments are powerful ones. I have the all the time; in fact, my apartment is filled with little note pads. I keep the all over the place because I'll be reading, writing or thinking about something and if I have one of those moments, I know it will be gone in a flash if I don't get it down. A few of my most recent: the clock here in my hospital room stopped running the third day I was here; hmmm, I thought, the little hand doesn't know what the big hand is doing. There's something there that will end up in something down the road. I also ran across the Imelda Marcos of ultra sound this week! Can't wait to see that characterization come to life at some point. Thanks for making me think about the hmmmm....

  5. I absolutely loved your take on this week's subject!

    I've been much more aware of the hmmm moments since I joined the "Let's Blog Off" group.

  6. very succinct. and entertaining!

  7. This post makes me go "hmmm." We right-brained need to stick together.

  8. Saxon - I hate to admit it but I use my Blackberry when a thought hits. It is typically what is most handy. I hope you are feeling better!

    James - Right there with you!

    Hollie - Thanks so much.

    Bridget - Yes we do!

  9. Hmmmmmm. I'll have to think about that.

  10. Allison - Thanks! Funny I was reading your post at the same time:)