Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let’s Blog Off - Stop the World

Every two weeks Bloggers unite for a day to write about a communal topic.  This week the title is If you could stop the world for a day what would you take the time to do?

Hands down, no thought needed, I would spend the day with my two nephews.  It sounds corny but they are both getting older – heck one is old enough to drink – and have busy lives.  I do not spend enough time with them. 

My older nephew is incredibly gifted as an artist.  My younger nephew is so smart he aced his math FCAT’s a few years ago.  I would fly them to a small town in the west that had tons of snow on the ground.  Having grown up in South Florida they love what little winter they have experienced. 

We would hike and ski.  I don’t ski so hopefully there is a hospital nearby but hey since this is my made up day I just decided I can ski!  Have meals filled with old favorites and new delights.  We would talk.  Really talk so I could get to know them as the new men they are right now because it will change as they find their way through their life.  We have had some seriously silly moments so I know we would laugh.  

I would make them take the time to watch a sunset to share a moment of breathless beauty.                                                                          

I am pretty sure both nephews would insist on watching movies.  I thought for a while my older nephew would major in film he watched so many movies.   One of their favorites!  

I would have my younger nephew show me the skills he has learned this past year as a Boy Scout.  The kid can throw a tomahawk!  Seriously!! 

And when the day was done I would pick up the phone and call my brother and sister-in-law and thank them for being dedicated, loving, and involved parents.

It would be a perfect day.


  1. Ginny, how strange that I've been having the same desire to connect with my nephews recently! This is kind of inspiring me today... I kind of want to hang out with your nephew too, since anyone who can thow a tomahawk must be pretty cool.

  2. Ginny, what a touching post. I hope you get that day to spend with your nephews, they are blessed to have an "Auntie Ginny".

  3. Paul - thanks for commenting! I hope you call your nephews this weekend, I know I will be. My brother did nix the tomahawk practice set up my nephew asked for...liabilty issues :)

    Amanda - Thanks:)

  4. Actually, you don't have to go skiing to spend time with your nephews. We live in Southern California, and some years ago we took our newphews to Disneyland. We also used to have some of them down for a weekend from time to time, which really cost us nothing at all. The best time to do it is when they are young. All too soon they grow up and become too busy for the "old folks."

  5. Oh man, I want to learn how to throw a tomahawk!

    I could get away with a practice area here. We have a church with an indoor archery range so nothing surprises anyone!

  6. Joseph - Thanks for commenting. My nephews are 20 & 14 and are crazy busy with their lives. I text them to talk with them now.

    James - Wouldn't that be cool to learn! There is a church with an indoor archery range? Oh cool! Thanks for commenting!

  7. Love the Ferris Bueller clip - it's one of my favorite parts of the film and the reworking of the music/scene was an awesome part of my day! :)

  8. Thanks for the comment Chamois! A few years ago, on one of my trips to see my family, my nephews learned I had never seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off. We immediately sat down to watch. It was a funny movie and has become one of my favorites too.

  9. My older son (17) can wield a machete. It was given to him by his dad about 10 years ago. Scary, eh? But he was also a Boy Scout and has always been careful with it. I love all my nevvies & nieces, but lately my mind is on the fact that I only have my older son home for one more year! Waaaaah

  10. Alexandra, Oh yeah scary he was 7 years old! How cool he knows what to do with one, there is an art. Not having children myself my nephews get all my attention. Make the most of that year!!
    Thanks for commenting!!