Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Chihuly – Part III A door really isn’t just a door

How many doors have you walked through today?  Did you notice the door?  What type of material was it? What type of handle was on the door?  As long a door works it is just a door, right?  Well it doesn't have to be. 

A door definitely should be functional so get you through to the other side without hassle.  However a door can be a piece of art.  Did I just hear a scoff? Well let me share with you a door that is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and functional door I have ever seen.

That door is at The Chihuly Museum located in St. Petersburg, FL.  When plans fell into place to visit the Chihuly (see Part's One and Two) all I could think about was THE door.  It had been discussed with fellow local industry professionals so I was anxious to see it. 

This door is 10’ x 10’ of steel which hangs on pivots and I think is quite the manufacturing marvel!  The door handle is wood and installed within a cutout of the steel.  

Wayne David Atherhold, Director of Marketing/Communications
The door hangs on both a top and a bottom pivot that are installed through the piece of metal that is being used as the door frame. I have no idea what this door weighs but I would think it is comparable to some of the lead and vault doors the company I work for, a-fabco, inc., makes.  We use pivots to hang our doors also.

Top Pivot

The thickness of the steel door
Not only were Alfonso Architects the architects and designers on the project but also served  as the contractor.  They were able to conceive, design and build their vision. There is nothing standard about this door.  On Interior and Sources blog   the steel fabricators are listed as Alfonso Architects and Stack Design.  I would have loved to have seen the this door being fabricated.  

Top of door in a almost closed position 
The bottom of door also in an almost closed position
The very slick looking door floor stop
This is a very simple but streamlined looking door stop that, as you can see, is installed into the floor.  

The combination of steel for the door, marble floor and wood walls along with the fantastic wood door pull really makes this whole opening a feast for the eyes.  Ok maybe just my eyes because I like doors but it really is beautiful! 

The doors in your office or home don't need to be this elaborate but you also don't have to settle for the off the rack door either.   Feel free to post any cool doors you have seen along your way.

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