Thursday, September 8, 2011

Social Media Relationships

I am asked all the time from my friends why I tweet.  In my local sphere of friends only my BFF uses social media.  My yoga chickees nor my co-workers or anyone else that I hang with uses social media.  They can't imagine any real relationships being formed without the face to face time put in.

This week, more than ever before, has shown how important social relationships are. Two people, both very important in the social media world, passed away.  The shock and sadness is very real.

I didn't know Trey Pennington but from all the tributes he was a kind and generous soul.  He embraced social media to the fullest.  Trey's website is full of tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your social relationships. Shock and sadness filled the Twitter stream on Sunday and Monday as word of his passing spread.  Hopefully some important dialogue will follow.

Imad Naffa was part of my world, the AEC world: Architects, Engineer and Construction.  Imad was an engineer who's specialty was building codes and breaking down the lingo so a person could actually understand it.  He was available and generous with his time and knowledge.  The man rocked all of social media and on his website he used the word Twitterologist.  You know what?  Imad was just that.  He mentored so many.  Again the Twitter stream filled with shock and sadness as news of his death spread on Wednesday and Thursday.  I didn't interact with him a lot but my heart was heavy...for his family, for his friends and yes for the social media world.

I consider my tweeps my friends.  They cheer me on when I tweet something good and cheer me up when I tweet something not so good.  Friday mornings I know the first tweet with a mention will be from Sean with SLS Construction.  It always makes me smile.

It isn't just 140 characters.  It is the first 140 characters of a conversation.


  1. couldn't agree more! Thanks for always making me smile too truly is different this age of social media but that doesn't make it a bad things either! :)

  2. I hadn't heard about Imad's passing and it makes me sad. People who don't use SM, don't understand that we share all the same things they do, only we do it in text. We still connect and it still hurts when someone is suddenly gone. I didn't know Trey, but I went to his site and found myself strangely affected by its presence.

    Our mark in Social Media is the ghost that carries on after we are gone.

  3. It's hard to explain to someone who is not using social media that the relationships and conversations are real. I feel like I *know* the people I interact with, and they know me, even if we've never met in person. Great post - I especially like the last line. Very true...if you're doing it right (and you are!).

  4. Coleen - I keep trying to tell my Yoga chickees that! I am hoping they will read this so thanks for the comment!

    Brian - I am so sorry you didn't know. I love that sentence "Our mark in Social Media is the ghost that carries on after we are gone." So true. Thanks for commenting.

    Lori - You are right we do know each other just in a different sense. I was trying to explain to someone and compared it to writing letters to a pen pal. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Nice post, Ginny. The social media world is certainly interesting and diverse, with everything from conversations to finding really helpful information to helping your business to Let's Blogoff. Twitter, for me at least, was the toughest nut to crack, but now that I have, I'm glad I did.