Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Chihuly First in a Series of Three

Downtown St. Petersburg
Here in the Tampa Bay area we are in what’s known as the dog days of summer; where you are drenched in sweat just going from your house to your car.  For me I am all about the a/c this time of year and I know just the place to recommend.

If you are anywhere near downtown St. Petersburg (and I suggest you should be) stop in and visit The Chihuly Collection housed in the Morean Arts Center.   

I was able to take the tour thanks to a wonderful Tweeter JoAnn Locktov.  How that all came to be will be in Part II.  All I will say is how can you not love social media!

Anyway visiting the Chihuly Collection is a wonderful way to spend a few hours out of the heat and it is a treat for your senses as well.  If you haven’t heard of Dale Chihuly he creates the most amazing pieces of glass.  I had not previously seen his work and it was breathtaking.  Here is a sneak peak.

Now if you have kids you are currently saying there is no way this will work for my family.  Ah but it would because once a month a few blocks from the Arts Center there is a center where you and your family can make glass yourself! 

This just touches the fringe of beauty at the Chihuly Museum.  I will be writing more about how the Museum was created by one of the premier architects located in Tampa, Florida, Mr. Alberto Alfonso.  His use of materials, lighting and space to house the collection is amazing.  Of course there is THE door too.  Oh the door will be a post of its very own because 16 years in the door industry I have never seen anything like it.

Stayed tuned and if you have experienced the Chihuly please share in the comment section.

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  1. I've never been there, but it sounds fun. My eldest son was just talking about wanting to try a glass-blowing class with his Dad. I love those kinds of kid-parent activities! I hope you show more pics of the art too!