Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bridge the Gap

I have a meeting today with a general contractor and the goal is to help bridge the gap between the budgetary number on a project and what the hardware specifications are calling for.  In this case the architect was hired by the GC and I am pretty sure the spec writing was farmed out to a manufacturer's spec writer.  There must of been a lack of communication somewhere because the hardware specs are so over the top to what was budgeted there is a $100,000.00 gap.

I understand that a manufactures spec writer's job is to spec the products of their employer.  I just don't understand why it sometimes seems as if only the most expensive line of those products are included.  These days most manufacturers offer both a Grade 1 and Grade 2 line of products.  Depending on the building I can appreciate utilizing Grade 1 at the openings that will get the most use but on those openings that don't, bring it down a notch.

Just my opinion.  Feel free to offer yours in the comment section below.  


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head, Ginny. Too often, architects that design and GCs that do the work often never cross paths. You've got two parties working on something from completely different perspectives and neither wants to give. Architects want to make sure their plans will stand the test of time and GCs are trying to fit in to that carefully(loosely used) analyzed bid.

    Do the best you can. When I run in to that situation, I try to diplomatically explain that the cost for what is spec'ed is X and the options for the budget allowed is Y. That's the point when the GC has to pitch in on the effort to come to a resolution.

    Tough spot.