Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winthrop Charter School

I am very particular about which projects I bid.  I am an A-Z type of salesperson, meaning I develop the relationships, bid, close, submit, order, tag material, project manage and if pay applications are involved I do the billing.  Yes I am very particular about the jobs I bid because I always want to make sure that both myself and the a-fabco team can provide the level of service I demand.  75 door openings or less is my typical comfort zone. 

So when one of my favorite customers, Ryan Companies US Inc, called me and asked me to bid a 116 opening I actually paused for a moment.  The thought that finally sifted out of the 100's in that 60 second span was this is a really good customer who always performs spectacularly so I said sure! (gulp)   There were actually two charter schools.  Both very fast track since they wanted to be open for the first day of school August 23rd.  I bid both projects and held my breath.  a-fabco was awarded the charter school located in Riverview!!  I was excited in that nervous, holy cow I hope I do a great job, sort of way.  My boss was ecstatic. 

The job was very fast track but with great communication from the GC's project managers Brian Smith and Eric Overgard and job superintendent, Jeff Lawler,  all material was at the jobsite when requested with only 1 incorrect door.  a-fabco was able to get a new door out to the jobsite in a few days.  Of course with any construction project there were changes and adds but all were able to be processed in a timely manner.  This is why I used the word spectacular in the first paragraph when describing Ryan Companies.  They run their projects so incredibly well it is a pleasure to be part of their team.

I received an email from Eric when the project was almost complete and let me say it made my day.  "Also, I wanted to let you know that you are by far the best door and hardware supply company I have ever worked with, and I have work with many.  Thank you very much for all of your hard work and again, excellent work all the way through this project.  I look forward to working with you again in the future."  Wow!  How awesome on so many levels not the least of which he took the time to write.  

Thanks to the entire Ryan Companies team for such a great project.  I also want to give a special shout out to Joe Gray with Ryan.  Though he wasn't part of this project I wouldn't have been a part of it without him.  It was his recommendation that got me in the door.  I have done many many projects with him through out the years, with current employment and previous.   His level of professionalism, organization and support is outstanding.  Joe is truly an exceptional human being.  

I will continue to be particular on which jobs I pursue but I feel a lot more comfortable having broken the 100 opening mark.  

Below please find a few pictures of Winthrop Charter School.  The photographer on noted pictures is Richard Steinmetz.  Ryan Companies - Tampa has been using him for 6 years to photograph all of their projects.  Richard's contact information is: Tel: 813-935-3293 and email:  Thanks to Jody Byler with Ryan for putting up with my constant requests and getting me these great pictures. 

Photo by Richard Steinmetz - Exterior  HM Frame installed

Photo by a-fabco.  Exterior HM Transom Frame x HM Doors

Photo by a-fabco.  Exterior hm doors rim x rim x removable mullion

Photo by Richard Steinmetz  Exterior HM Opening - finished

Photo by Richard Steinmetz  Exterior of school

Photo by a-fabco  Interior Rotary Natural Birch Door

Photo by a-fabco  Pair of interior rotary natural birch doors

Photo by a-fabco  Interior hallway of doors

Photo by Richard Steinmetz  Interior

Photo by Richard Steinmetz  Office

Photo by Richard Steinmetz  Cafeteria

Photo by Richard Steinmetz  Exterior Shot



  1. Fantastic, Ginny! It's really great to build that team atmosphere among the GC and all trade partners involved! It's also nice to receive positive accolades from the people you serve!

  2. Congratulations! I believe in your skills and gut feeling. You're a winner.