Sunday, September 4, 2011

Historic Shed

The cool thing about writing a blog is being able to toot a horn when you come across a great company.  So this is me tooting about Historic Shed.

I met Historic Shed on Twitter.  I am not sure how our tweets crossed but I am glad they did.  I do remember seeing a tweet with a picture attached and given the name of the business was intrigued. Once the picture came up I drooled.  I am sure I have mentioned I have a large backyard and in my vision a cute shed with a little porch, and a couple of chairs out front sits on the southeast corner.  I could pick any shed from their website and be happy.  I told my BFF about it, she checked it out and drooled. Seriously some incredible workmanship.

Months past and @HistoricShed became Jo-Anne as we got to know one another.  What was funny is how we hadn't crossed paths before.  Jo-Anne is very involved in preservation and since I live in Seminole Heights with 1920's bungalows all around that word carries importance here in the 'hood. We know some of the same people.  Heck they have even  advertised in previous Seminole Heights Home Tours.

We finally ended up meeting a few months ago when a day trip came up between Jo-Anne, Amanda (BFF) and myself.  We went to Lakeridge Winery in Fl but that is for another day.   We decided to meet at Historic Shed in Brooksville since that was a good middle spot and it meant Amanda and I were able to take a tour!

I had never been to Brooksville so naturally I got lost.  Once I was on the right road I was able to find their shop quickly because out front is the cutest little shed!  Isn't it nice to meet people for the first time and yet feel like you have known them forever!  Jo-Anne, with her husband Craig, gave us a tour and luckily for us they were in the middle of two projects.  The first will be a guest cottage for a client in Ybor.   The quality of material and craftsmanship is just superb.
Front Door to Guest Cottage

Side of guest cottage
The second project was born knowing how challenged homeowners are these days. Jo-Anne and Craig wanted to come up with a shed that was more economical without giving up the quality.  A few tweaks here and there and here it is!
Great details
Another aspect of working with a customized company is if you want to make modifications Historic Shed is willing to work with you.  You can't get that from the box stores.  All the sheds are Florida Wind Load approved.  Also offered are some delightful garden accessories (think Christmas and Birthdays people).

Someday I will own a shed from Historic Sheds and until then I will continue to dream.    

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  1. What a lovely article! I can't tell you how honored we are to be featured on your blog. Thank you so much.