Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Every two weeks Bloggers unite for a day to write about a communal topic. This week LetsBlogOff asks the question would our followers actually read a blog about thumbtacks? 

I looked at the subject for this week’s Lets Blog Off and said what the heck? So I did what has now become the norm when I am not sure of a subject…I Googled it.  Google does not differentiate between push pins and thumbtacks.  There were some cool sites that people used push pins to create art but I am pretty sure someone will write a blog post about the difference between push pins and thumbtacks so I didn’t go there.

What I did fine was a very interesting Thumbtack Experiment  where teachers actually allow the kids to play with thumbtacks.  The students keep track of how many times the tacks land point up versus point down.  I wondered how many land in the ceiling (maybe Fox Mulder conducted this experiment in school hence the pencils).  Anyway the students have to report on it.  It was pretty interesting so please check it out.

I also found an article about the most stupid and cruel use of thumbtacks and was very dishearten by the human race.  Apparently some idiot(s) felt inconvenience by a large group of bike riders and left a BUNCH of thumbtacks on the road.  Won’t hurt a car’s tires but will puncture bicycle tires.  Stupid.

Further searching found a business named Thumbtacks.  It is a web directory listing service.  Apparently it also has some intrigued attached to it.

If the thumbtack has a magnet on it is it still a thumbtack?  See this is why I love LBO – for the philosophical questions.

Who said to always leave your audience wanting more?  Well here you go.  I know you will want more of this thumbtacks jewelry!   Hey it would stay in place!!!

Feel free to leave your thumbtack story in the comment section.

The best part about this week’s LBO is that Rufus’s corporation will be donating $10.00 for every LetsBlogOff post published today to Jane Devin’s Kickstarter fund.  If you don’t know who Jane Devin is she wrote a phenomenal book called Elephant Girl.  I know because I read it.  In 2 days.  Yes it really is that good. 

There are many other participants in LetsBlogOff that are much more creative than I.  Please check out their blog posts also:


  1. Nice post Ginny! The most memorable thing we ever did with thumbtacks in school was push them into pencils to make various forms of animal art based on school supplies! (I think we did this on our own; it wasn't sanctioned by our teacher!).

    I really like those numbered pushpins in the photo, by the way. There are times when I think I would've had an actually legitimate use for those! :-)

  2. Oh wow. I didn't know any of that. Great post.

  3. When I first saw the topic, I thought I might have to sit this one out as nothing came to me for days. Then today it just hit me. I had never thought to google it! Great idea - I like the inclusion of so many interesting tidbits (especially the jewelry).

  4. I don't think I was allowed to play with thumbtacks at school. Something about the sharp points, poking others and inappropriate uses...
    I'm allowed to now though!