Monday, June 6, 2011

You did what?

I had a party a few weeks back to thank my dear Yoga Chickees for their support over the past few years through some very difficult times for me.  Each person, in their own way, reached out to help me.  I was humbled and so very touched.

We have an age range of 25 years between the youngest and oldest and have had many discussions about social media, cell phones that have become smart phones, and what privacy means these days.

Many of us are on Facebook but not all.  One member of our group is fabulous about capturing our special times through pictures.  Though she doesn’t quite understand why a few of us prefer not to have the pictures put on Facebook she respects our wishes and instead emails the photos to the group.  Let me say that I am one of the folk that prefer not to have my photo posted on Facebook.  I can’t speak for anyone else but my issue is there are a few of my FB friends that are customers and I don’t want a picture of me tipsy and being silly posted.  It isn’t professional.

During the party people were taking pictures and that was fantastic, I can’t wait to create a photo album.  One member however was taking video.  Well if I don’t want a photo on FB I sure as heck don’t want a video!  I asked her three times to stop and she didn’t.  She truly didn’t understand my issue with it.  She is the youngest of our chickees and videotaping is something that is common amongst she and her other friends.  I know from being on Facebook and Twitter that the 20 something set thinks nothing of videoing and posting it be it a fight at school to people partying at a bar.

Here is where the 25 year difference becomes a gulf.  What does privacy mean?   The line is an individual preference so when does it become disrespectful and when should the older generation just need to get with it?

My take, I am a pretty private person and I do not like any part of my life being put on the internet unless I am the one doing it.  My professional and personal lives overlap a bit but not a lot.  More so now with Twitter as it started for professional reasons and these last 2 ½ years I have connected with people that I look forward to someday meeting and sharing time with.  I seem to have feet in both camps and I would think a lot of people do.

I shared my feelings with our youngest Yoga chick a few days ago and she apologized.  The Yoga chicks took a vote and no videotaping is allowed unless EVERYONE agrees to it.

What is your take on this subject?  Feel free to provide a videotape if you so choose!


  1. I agree completely. Especially when your personal and private life overlaps the way it does in the creative professions. I'm glad your young hipster member understood and respected your boundaries, but sadly that is the exception, not the rule. The generation coming up is so saturated by ridiculous behavior that "professionalism" is considered "weird" or "strange" behavior (at least in my not so humble opinion).
    Bravo to you for stating your position and standing by it. It takes guts to stand up to a friend like that.

  2. my private life is for me to share with whom I want to...especially with owning a business and not needing everyone to know everything! Sounds like a great group of friends you have there Ginny...! :)

  3. Jeremiah - Unfortunatey I have seen the same. Thanks for commenting:)

    Coleen - That is how I feel too. I am very grateful to have these women in my life! Thank you too:)

  4. I'm with you, Ginny- especially since I am a non- Facebooker to begin with. I go a step further though... I don't want my picture on anyone's Facebook. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't have a profile on there for a reason... no sense in me being on there at all.

    You make some good points and further shows that no matter what we do, someone will likely have a photo(or vid) of us doing it.