Thursday, June 9, 2011

Please close the door!

Doesn’t seem to matter what type of building I am in they all have one very bad habit in common.  The top hinge on wood doors with closers is always damaged due to the cleaning staff, or someone, sticking something just above the top hinge (typically with a broom handle) to keep the door in the open position.  Is it inconvenient to have to constantly open a door when a person is repeatedly walking through the opening?  Yes it is, but tough.

Any time a door is fire rated Code states it MUST BE self closing and self latching!  Period, end of discussion.  Fire rated doors in the closed position prevent fires from spreading into other parts of buildings.  Not rocket science people and yet it happens every day.

In 2002 a fire killed 4 people because a stairwell door was left open.  It has continued to happen throughout the years, just in February of this year 20 firefighters were injured and 1 person died  because “and left the door propped open when they left”. Full article found on Lori Greene’s blog: If You Dig Hardware .  It is now required that all fire doors be inspection annually to try and avoid more loss of life. 

Please, if you see a door with a fire label on it propped in the open position, CLOSE IT. If the cleaning staff in your building or company hold open fire rated doors with a stick, door stop or trash can tell them to stop. Not only will you save money by not having to replace the door but you may save a life.


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  2. Fire rated doors are mandated to be self closing and self latching. Even for residential fire doors as it provides security when fire circumstances occur.