Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wrapping Up

Six months ago I inherited 2 jobs with a specific general contractor (GC) when my department was downsized.  I also had just been awarded a project with the same general contractor before the downsize.  Two projects were run by the same Project Manager (PM) but different job superintendents  (JS) and the third had a different Project Manager and job supr.   All three jobs were at hospitals, installation was included but each had different quantities of doors.  The smallest job has 11 doors and the largest 45.

Amazingly all three seem to be finishing up at the same time which is making my installer and myself time challenged. It has been very interesting experiencing how the different PM's and JS run their jobs though working for the same GC.  I also have other projects that are in mid gear, though not iwith installation, thankfully.

Something I find hard to juggle is being able to quote new projects while wrapping up existing projects. Most of my day is spent fielding phone calls from my installer or the JS's looking for material at the last minute, research to determine that yes the material was signed for back on __, and change orders to get new material that is needed at the jobsite asap!   It is hard to be able to concentrate on a new project, yet if I don't make the time to quote there will be no new work.

For this week I have put quoting any bid work on hold while still being available to my end users and other customers.  It will free up sometime so I can wrap these three projects up - hopefully! 

How do you handle it?

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