Saturday, June 11, 2011

My boys

Can I get an ice tea please?

 I thought I would introduce the two dogs that always make sure I always have something to do!

This is Duncan.  I had his named picked out before I met him.  He was a birthday gift (requested) by my BFF.  We searched high and low for him when I was ready for another dog.  At the time my BFF had 4 kids under her roof and I thought they would be a good judges of characters.  We went to a Rescue in Bronson and met puppy after puppy.  The kids were having a great time but none of them grabbed my heart.  

Because I knew Duncan's name I had a very specific picture in my mind of my dog.  I wandered over to some cute black and white hounds but they were all female.  My first dog was a male and I wanted another one.  One of the volunteers mentioned the boys of the same litter where inside having just been neutered.  I checked them out and in the very back of the kennel, groggy as all get out, was this little black and tan hound mix.  This was Duncan!

I couldn't bring him home that day so it was arranged that my BFF and the kids would drive down the Friday before Memorial Day and drop Duncan off as they drove through Tampa.  That way I would have three days to introduce him to his new home and me.  When the van pulled into my driveway I rushed out to great them.  The kids presented Duncan in a basket with towels smelling horrible. Poor little guy had been car sick the entire drive down.  I am forever indebted to those 4 kids for being so loving to a dog that was SO sick and smelly!

Fergus came into my household because I had no idea that when I picked a beagle/hound mix they were such pack animals.  My lab had been perfectly happy being the only dog in my household.  Duncan was not.  After much thought I decided to get a 2nd dog and went with another beagle. 

Ready for water!
I contacted the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue group and filled out the appropriate paperwork. I was approved and invited to the next social at a local dog park.  I brought Duncan with me as I was hoping he would pick his new mate.  I had informed my BFF what I was up to and she and the kids were on standby.  There were many cute beagles but again none immediately struck my heart.  Duncan didn't gravitate to any specific dog either.  I was on the phone with my BFF a lot (thankfully she loves me).  Finally I started noticing a cute red and white beagle (didn't know there was such a thing) who kept trying to get any dog to play with him.  He went dog to dog but no takers.  I snapped his picture and emailed it to my BFF.  The kids approved.  I introduced Duncan to the little guy and they seemed to get on.  Fergus had a new home.  It took about 6 months for Duncan and Fergus to become inseparable but it happened.  

In case you were wondering about their names I picked them from one of my favorite books Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon.

If you are thinking about getting a dog please do a lot of research about which breed would best work for your household.  I would also encourage you to contact a rescue organization to find your new mate.  A dog will be your best friend for all it's life. 


  1. Thank you for finding and rescuing your pups. We've done the same with two of our three Cairn terriers. While we adore the one [just in case she reads this] female gotten through a breeder, we'd never imagine what great guys our two rescue males would turn out to be. Everyone should consider rescue through an agency as you have. Darn puppy mills.

  2. I remember the day we brought Duncan to you. I was so worried that the present you picked for your birthday was a dog. Thank goodness you picked him out! I know those first few months made us pause, but he has turned into a good dog. I asked the kids if they remembered bringing him to you and they definitely remembered him being sick the whole way!