Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let’s Blog Off – Truth vs. Fact

Every two weeks Bloggers unite for a day to write about a communal topic.  This week LetsBlogOff asks the question what is the difference between truth and fact?

It amazes me that my brother and I grew up in the same household.  Our stories are so utterly different about the same events.  For a long time I thought there was something wrong with my memory because it seemed like every time I told a story to one of my nephews about those childhood days my brother corrected me.  As I have gotten older I realize we have different perceptions of the same event. He mind is a logical one and mine is based more on emotion.  There is also an 8 year difference in age.  Neither is right or wrong.  Ok sometimes I am wrong but I am the younger one.

Truth, to me, is ever evolving as I continue learn facts.  My truth tomorrow will be different than today as long as I continue to learn.

Sadly it seems facts are harder to come by these days.  In this 30 second sound bite news age and rush to be live at all times we seem to leave the facts behind.   People are busy, they don’t take the time to try and sort through the sensationalism and therefore a lot of the facts that are “out there” may not be the truth.

To borrow a few lines from a couple of favorite TV shows “The Truth is Out There” you just have to be willing to ask for “Just the facts Ma’am”.

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  1. You’re completely right about the 30-second sound bite dominating all—and enlightening none. After the huge earthquake in Japan, I saw what purported to be a news show on a cable news outlet. The emcee was interviewing a nuclear expert on the possible dangers from the damage to the nuclear reactors in Japan. The expert rattled off four or five items that were of particular concern, to which the emcee replied, “Well, which ONE should we be paying most attention to?” Which is to say, if it cannot be said in thirty seconds, it cannot be said. At least not on TV. I’ve always thought of it as a whore’s medium, and things like that are the reason I have so negative a view.

  2. While at first glance I thought this topic would be easy -- I seem to be struggling more with it as posts pass me today. I think I like to think of truth as this fixed thing, an ideal -- something we get always closer to but never really know. doesn't really give much credit to something that I absolutely believe in --our ability to learn. so truth is hard.

    I do know it is not necessarily honesty -- because you can be honest and not necessarily telling the truth (as depicted with your brother above).

    to me I think facts play only a minor role in truth (totally different). anyway -- i didn't post so I guess it doesn't give me license to rant. I'll stop. thanks for posting Ginny.

  3. Joseph - Thanks for commenting. I think the demise came with the 24/7 news. Instead of indepth reporting which is what I expected the time seems to be filled with opinions based on nothing. I gave up cable news for that reason. Makes me curious what news will look like in 20 years.

    jb - I actually groaned out load when I read the topic for this week. Of course I didn't see it until yesterday so that could be one of the reasons. Took me 2 1/2 hours to write what little I did. The truth for me has always been fluid not fixed and I love that. It doesn't mean I believe in it less I just recognize I constantly change. You can't rant anytime sir;) Thanks for stopping by and chatting:)

  4. jb..your not ranting...its your truth!

    Ginny thanks for the post today really enjoyed it as always!

  5. That happens quite a bit in my family, too. Perspective adds another facet needed to gather the entire truth.

  6. Hi Coleen As always thanks for your support and comments:) I greatly appreciate it!

    Bridget Glad I am not alone. Thanks for reading:)

  7. I'm with you on the disparity of sibling perceptions and memories. The wildly different versions of common events used to trouble me, but I've learned to cherish how my bothers remember events.

    When I'm with my brothers (usually only once a year) I'll often preface a recollection with "what do y'all remember about...

    After hearing this several times last Thanksgiving, my teenage niece asked, "Were you even there, Uncle Collier?"

    I'm pretty sure I was.

  8. Collier your comments had me laughing out loud! Thanks so much:)