Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chime in

Yesterday morning about 10 minutes into driving to work I thought I heard a chime coming from my car.  After a few minutes I thought it must have come from the radio because when I turned the sound down the chiming stopped.  Last night the same thing happened.  I listen to NPR and sometimes they replay the same report so I chalked it up to that.

This morning the chime sounded again so obviously it must be coming from my car but why.  I started checking my gauges and lights all normal and green.  My head is spinning with thoughts like should I still be driving it, how much is this going to cost me, will I have to rent a car while it is in the shop, etc etc.  Out of the corner of my eye I see a flash of green.  My odometer is flashing a message at me: low wash. 

My first reaction was one of relief…low wash I can handle that.   My second reaction was how bizarre.  My car is wired to chime at me to get my attention and then flash a message through my odometer.  I have heard of this happening in the new cars but mine is a 2002 Jeep Liberty, hardly new.  Personally I don’t think the odometer is the best choice for sending me a message.  I only look at it when I think about oil changes and if I am using my personal car for work to track mileage.   And let’s face it the message wasn’t all that important.

This brings me to the realization that there is a new basic.  I can no longer buy what I would consider a basic model TV, radio, car, or any appliance really.  When I went shopping for a new TV 10 years ago I wanted a basic model.  I don’t have kids so gaming is not important.  I don’t watch 2 channels at the same time.  What the salesperson considered basic and I considered basic were very different.  Now I look at my very large TV and think gosh I would love a flat screen TV if only because they take up so little room.  Then I think of the hours of research that I would do to try and make sure I bought the best model and that stop in my tracks.  No time and no need, my current TV works fine thank you.
A friend’s husband recently bought a new car that allows for better gas mileage.  The basic model included electric locks which “back in my day” used to be considered a grand luxury.  

Technology allows each generation to have it a little easier, quicker, and more comfortable.  I try to keep up, really, but today I was forced to admit that perhaps technology has surpassed me. 


  1. Technology has long surpassed me. I want a cell phone that makes phone calls. I want a cable plan that does not include 150 channels of crap I'll never watch. I want a watch that just tells time. I want a car that goes from here to there. I want a remote control that turns it on, changes channels and volume... I want simple... when things become complex, they are just adding failure points. The stuff you own eventually owns you.

  2. my technology owns me...its crazy! The days of turning the knob on the tv to change the channel and playing outside until dark was all I wanted to my kids are "bored" all the time and they have more things to do then I did! I feel like I'm robbing my children by letting them have all these things but like I said I think the technology has begun to own me....

  3. Rufus - Right there with you! I don't want to have to call my nephew to watch a DVD. Thanks for yapping!

    Coleen - I found when I canceled all but basic cable due to budget reduction I had a lot more creative time. I am not spending hours in front of HGTV or Food Network. I am not sure I can chuck the TV all together but I admire folks who do. Does the family have a game night?

  4. Shocking realization when we figure out that we have no control! My truck does the same thing to me, though something has gone awry with the volume and every time it chimes I nearly jump out of my drawers it scares me so bad... then again, I never miss when my washer fluid is low. ;-)