Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doors take me places

I am very lucky that a part of my customer base is end users.  This allows me to go to some unique businesses to measure doors.

The first time I went to our local zoo to measure a door I met the tigers.  I was measuring the back of the house door into their habitat.  I always visit the zoo early in the morning before it opens for business and all the animals are still in their night areas and very secure.  The tigers were beautiful.  They were very calm watching me go about my business.  Magnificent!   On another trip I met the tapir, beautiful in its own unique way.  The creativity, care and design that go into each animal’s habitat are truly amazing. 

From the zoo to a prison, not quite as fun.  Interestingly enough walking through the men’s section seemed safer than the women’s.   The male prisoners got out of our way and kept their heads down.  The women deliberately stood in our paths with their arms crossed. I always felt I needed to protect the male guards who were escorting me.  Not the gentler sex in a jail! 

Another time I was at a large facility near the roof in a room that had one of the largest fans I have ever seen.  They wanted to replace the door near the fan.  It was the only time I refused to measure a door.  The door would barely open due to the pressure and on the other side was a large drop.  When the maintenance guy let go of the door it slammed shut from the force. 

When walking through the maze of underground at hospitals I always send up a quick prayer that the maintenance person guiding me won’t suffer harm.  I would not know how to call for help and there is never cell service!

Tonight it was a morgue.  I never saw anything that made me the least bit uncomfortable.  The company was very professional and any guest they had was in his/her resting place.

I would enjoy hearing your most interesting jobsite visit in the comments section below.


  1. By far the most interesting place that I have been to measure doors is the Lubee Bat Conservancy in Gainesville. I was there to measure the doors to all the individual bat houses, about 20. They found that in the highly corrosive (bat poo) environment that galvanized hollow metal was the best product for the price. Each bat house was full of dozens of bats of all different types and sizes. I was asked by maintenance personnel if I was squeamish. I said no, the bats will not bother me. They said, it's not the bats! There I was with my clipboard and measuring tape with all sorts of insects, mostly roaches, flying and crawling all over me. It was a heck of a job, definitely not for the faint-hearted! But, they did pick the right girl ;)

  2. Actually, we bid on a funeral home rehab last year. As you said, you have to be comfortable with the "guests" in that situation. Very odd. I too love the variety my job brings. Although, I usually see just ordinary houses with no dead people or inmates. My favorite job was rehab of a 1904 home built by a Dr. for a residence/ office. Awesome house, awesome millwork, fixtures, art glass... that was a fun restoration.