Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Oasis (written on August 20th at 2:30pm)

I am currently sitting in a house of some dear friends.  I am here because when they go away I am sometimes lucky enough to watch their cat.  I love my dogs but sometimes a cat to curl up on your lap is nice too.  Unfortunately this cat doesn’t do that but he is great fun and sometimes allows me to pet him.

I take pet watching very seriously as I know how much of a relief it is when I know my dogs are taken care of while I am away from home.  Each pet owner has their own level of comfort and I try to make sure I do whatever is necessary for my friends to feel at ease. 

This couch beckons
There is a more selfish reason I like to watch their cat though.  Their house is my oasis.  Yes it’s true.  When I am here I don’t see any chores that may need to be done.  The house is spotless and typically a lovely spot of food is left for me.  Always yummy but made more so because of the thoughtfulness behind it.  The living room is a cool relaxing place where I can get away from the heat of the day.  Their sunroom (my favorite) is where I typically set up camp with laptop or book, settle into the easy chair and watch the squirrels and birds on the large oak trees outside. 

My favorite spot
There is a peace here created by two loving people that must touch all who enter.  I can’t explain it but I feel it.  It makes my shoulders ease up, my breathing slow and frees my mind.  So I stay a few hours, talk to the cat, and write or draw or nap even. 

I know my friends think I am the one doing them the favor but really it is the other way around.  This is my moment of peace and I am grateful.

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