Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let’s Blog Off – 2031

Every two weeks Bloggers unite for a day to write about a communal topic.  This week LetsBlogOff asks the question where do you see yourself in 20 years? 
In 20 years I will be just shy of 70 which is very shocking to me.  I am on the shorter side of this chapter now.

The age of women of my yoga group range from 38 to 60 and most of us are kid free. We talk about this subject a lot.  Several of us are dealing with aging parents and some parents are handling aging and the next chapter pragmatically and others not at all.  Death is inevitable how you face it is not.

Historic Shed
I have had an idea for several years now of many tiny cottages built in a U.  The open end of the U would have a large outdoor screened in kitchen with gardens filled with vegetables, herbs and flowers.  The gardens would be in containers about 35” off the ground and on wheels to help ease back issues.  The cottages would be very simple 1 bedroom/1 bath with a kitchenette to offer privacy and personal space.  The outdoor kitchen would be the heart of the complex.  I think everyone would have to own an equal share almost like a co-op. 

When this idea started floating around in my head I didn’t give a lot of thought about location except it would need to be near health care.  Tampa isn’t necessarily the quaint town that I imaged yet Seminole Heights could be.  When I bought my current home 9 years ago the idea wasn’t in the forefront of my decision.  I live on a ½ acre about 10 minutes from downtown and also near hospital and medical facilities. It is also ½ block from a bus line.  The neighborhood is currently zoned for single family homes but a new type of zoning has been discussed with the city called formed based zoning.  If it passes my block would be zoned mixed so I think I could actually build the cottages. 

For me life is being surrounded by friends, family, having laughter and joy, and also having a purpose be it volunteering or with a job.  It is just the simple things.

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  1. Well, it's pretty much what I thought it would be when I wrote my own entry for this. I am far and away the oldest one in the group. You're worried that in twenty years you'll be almost 70. I am already 66!!!! I enjoyed your blog a lot. I think you have some real insights into things. And I like the idea of the little houses!

  2. LOVE this idea. there's something to it, especially if it's "stuck" for so many years. your vision of it is so clear... a teacher once told me having a vision is enough, you don't have to know how you'll get there... the "how" always presents itself... especially when it's in line with your heart. everything just falls into place.