Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting the Grade

I attended one of my favorite customer’s 75th anniversary party last week. While mingling I met an architect and the conversation drifted to hardware.  As always when I meet an architect the question I ask is what frustrates you most about hardware?

In this case the answer was the different grades of locksets. The architect went on to explain that he primarily uses mortise locksets but he knows they are the "top of the line" and sometimes his clients prefer something less so.
As I was explaining the different grades and how he might be able to value engineer I thought this information might make a good blog post.  Aren’t bloggers always thinking that!

The Builder’s Hardware Association (BHMA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developed grading requirements for cylindrical and mortise locksets to ensure quality and performance from builders hardware.

Strength, performance, and construction are all included in defining the three grades of locks.

Hager Grade 1 3400 Lock
Grade 1 is the highest performing rating. A Grade 1 lock must be capable of performing through 800,000 latches and unlatches without failure. It must withstand 700 lbs of force per inch for lever locks.

Grade 2 is a medium grade and capable of operating through 400,000 cycles while withstanding 450 lbs of force per inch for lever locks.

Grade 3 is the lowest grade. It must operate for a minimum of 200,000 cycles and withstand 225 lbs of force per inch for lever locks.

In my opinion how to choose what Grade of lock is appropriate is less about the building and more about each individual door opening. After reviewing specifications for 19 years I know Grade 1 is the most popular choice.  These locks should be used on exterior openings that don’t require an exit device and any interior opening that gets heavy traffic but there are other less used openings in a building that a Grade 2 lock may be used and in turn save the owner money. I haven’t yet used a Grade 3 lock in a commercial application.

A couple of examples:

Locksets at schools get a lot of abuse! Every exterior opening should have Grade 1 hardware both for security and abuse factors.  Any interior openings at middle and high school that kids use should also have Grade 1 hardware. What kids can do to a lock never ceases to amaze me. However at a single bathroom in the teacher’s lounge a Grade 2 might be acceptable.  

In another scenario a Grade 1 lock at the entry doors into a tenant space in an office building is a smart choice for security. The offices, bathrooms and storage rooms, depending upon the tenant employee/visitor numbers, a Grade 2 would be a good choice.  

Manufacturers typically offer the same lever & rose styles for both Grade 1 and 2 locksets so all the locksets will be uniformed even when mixing different Grades.

There is a lot more information available but hopefully this provides a basic outline for you.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Nice People

Driving into work today I was stopped at a red light at a small but busy intersection.  It was still dark.  I noticed on the opposite street a car with their hazards on and thought what a crummy way to start  week.  Then I realized there was a older woman sitting in the car.  I was trying to figure out how I could help her but I was on the opposite side and couldn't push the car out of the way, which is what she really needed.

As all this was going through my head a very nice big car whipped around into the parking lot that was nearest this woman's car.  Two men got out of the vehicle. The driver was a large powerful looking guy, dressed in business attire and the other person looked to be his son.  They chatted with the woman and then proceeded to push her car out of the intersection and into the parking lot where she would be safer and out of traffic.

My light had turned green at that point so I drove on but with a smile.  It was nice to see caring people and wonderful to see a father or mentor teaching a young person the joy of being nice.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Relay is less than 30 days - Yikes!

How is everyone doing today?

Is it only me who has never been a part of a fundraiser before?  You think you have enough time to plan, organize, fundraise and wham all the sudden you don't!

Team Fifty Shades of Hope has raised $1,255.00 to date which is outstanding!  Thanks to all those who have donated and our team members for reaching out!  

We still want to meet our goal of $2500.00 so to that end I wanted to share a few different fundraisers we have going on and also other ways folks can participate both from afar and near.

If you have been to a Relay event you are probably aware of the Luminaria Ceremony.  I haven't as yet but have heard it is amazingly powerful. Luminaria's are dedicate to loved ones who lost their fight to cancer and those currently fighting.  They can be personalized even if you choose to support this event online.  Go to LUMINARIA if you would like to dedicate one for an important someone in your life.  

This time of year is Strawberry Season in Florida. Team member Monica Keasey has generously offer to make her delicious Strawberry Jam as a fundraiser for our Team.  

Health Mutt in Seminole Heights has generously offer the use of their two dog wash stations for a fundraiser.  Team members will be there this Friday, March 15 from 5-7 pm to wash and dry your dog for you.  Health Mutt is providing doggie treats and offering a raffle for a big basket of goodies.  After getting clean your dog will sport a purple bandana showing their support for Relay! 

Relay is being held April 5th from 6 pm and ending April 6th a noon at Hillsborough High School.   If you live in the Tampa area please come cheer us on.  Right now we have 39 Teams that will be there.  Each team will have a "campsite" and will be fundraising at the event.  There will be music, food, beverages and tons of fun!  Friday evening after the Opening Ceremony survivors take to the track to walk a lap to honor and celebrate their grit and determination to fight this terrible disease.  The next lap is by all caregivers who support and stand by those fighting.  At 9:00 pm is the Luminaria Ceremony.  During these 18 hours each team will have a member on the track walking/running.  

We need volunteers both during the two day event and Team Fifty needs some more team members!  We currently only have 7 and even though one of them is a marathoner that is a lot of hours to cover!

If you would like to volunteer please contact me at

Thanks so much!