Friday, January 25, 2013

50 Shades of Hope Relay for Life

A new post - finally!  Sorry for being away.  Now that the holidays and a big 40th birthday party for a friend that I hosted are over I can get serious about Relay of Life Seminole Heights - Tampa.

In case you haven't heard check out my first post about Relay.

I signed the team up on the Relay for Life Seminole Heights  website and to date have raised $280.00 toward the $2,500.00.   Yay everyone who has donated to Team:  Fifty Shades of Hope!  Thank you for your generosity!

Of course there is a long way to go so today I am asking for your participation by whatever means you are able.  There are several ways to support 50 Shades of Hope.

1.  Money -  we all know that without money cancer research can not continue; Hope Lodges would be unable to continue to be built; and transportation would not be able to be provided for cancer patients.  If you would like to donate to my team please click here HOPE , then click the orange donate button. Make sure your screen looks like this:

Make sure directly under the word Donate it says Relay for Life Seminole Heights.  Trust me on this :)  Highlight Search for a Team and enter Fifty Shades of Hope.  Ignore that is says the team leader is Martha Stapp (if it still says that when you read this).  I goofed up.  I entered my donation and then entered a-fabco's kind donation WITHOUT logging out first.   Sigh.  I created a lot of extra work for our American Cancer Society leader Kim Ward.  Sorry Kim!  Martha also kindly donated so thank you to both a-fabco and Martha - I greatly appreciate it!!   Anyhooo you should see another orange donate button - click on that and follow the instructions.  It is similar than it sounds - honest!

2.  Business - If you own a business that would like to support Fifty Shades of Hope please contact me at  I will be creating a large board with all the businesses who donate along with their business cards so attendees can grab a card to take with them.  Hopefully it will be a great way to generate some new biz.

3.  Lumanaria - If you would like us to light a candle during the lumanaria ceremony for someone you have lost we would be honored.  I know I will have several out on the field in remembrance.   Click here: LUMANARIA to dedicate a lumanaria.

4.  Fundraising ideas - I need them please!  I have never been involved in any fundraising activities before so need all the help I can get.  You can email me at

5.  Time - If you are in the Tampa area and would like to join the Fifty Shades of Hope team we would love to have you!!  Click here TEAM and click the orange Join Our Team button to sign up.

6.  Social Media - Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter @SHRelayforLife  

7.  Cheer us on!  From near: Come down to Hillsborough High School anytime between Friday, April 5th from 6 pm to Saturday April 6th at noon to see us and check out all the teams campsites.  I am sure there will be bake goods being sold along with many other activities.  From afar:  Cheer us through Social Media, emails, phone calls, text - however you best communicate. Especially during the event.  I am pretty sure I will be getting pretty giddy come 4:00 am.

Thank you for reading and supporting both acrackeddoor and Fifty Shades of Hope! I will be updating how the team and fundraising grow on future posts.

Until then....