Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1 More Week to Register to Vote in Florida

I forget why I decided to figure out how many years I have been voting but I did and I was a little shocked by the number.  I have been voting for 32 years!  

I have a memory of standing outside the voting curtain while my mom voted. Another memory includes being able to eat a boxed lunch in our classroom because the school I attended was a polling place.  My mom was very active in her local community and taught us, by example, that every voted counted. 

The first election that I was able to vote in was the 1980 Presidential election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.  The most difficult election was in 1984.  Not the November election but the local election in March.  My mom had just died and my brother and I discussed if we were going to go vote.  My mom had volunteered at the polls so we knew a lot of people would want to share their memories.  I wasn't sure I could handle it however I was pretty sure I would disappoint my mom terribly if I didn't vote.  So off my brother and I went and many kinds words were shared with us about our mom. 

Since then it doesn't matter where I have lived I always take the time to research the issues and people and vote.  Sometimes those amendments take 10-12 readings to make sure I understand all the legalize.  I think I have only missed one or two local elections since 1980 but never a Presidential election.
Your vote does matter.