Tuesday, February 26, 2013

That’s Powerful!

Today's guest post comes from Kathi Frelk, Marketing, with Anderson Lock in response to my post on Powerful.

Powerful people open doors. Not just entrance doors and office doors. And I don’t mean open with a strong arm, a key or locksmith tools. What I mean is, powerful people take the lead in life. In a business, or in an organization, or simply in a situation, they make connections and decisions, and persuade other folks to follow them. Powerful people take command, and perform well.

Lists of powerful people are ever-changing. But the people on the list at any given time have qualities in common that are easy to discern, difficult to emulate. They are influential, capable, and often, dynamic personalities.

Ginny’s recent blog, ‘Powerful,’ Friday, February 8, 2013, highlights Beyonce’s performance before a worldwide audience during Super Bowl 2013. When Beyonce strode on stage, she captured the attention of millions of people. Her dramatic costume, singing and dancing, communicated that she had control of the moment. There were several other singers and dancers on the stage with her, but most of the time, most of the eyes were on Beyonce. She dominated the performance. Personally, I didn’t care for her costume, singing or dancing…but I didn’t change the channel, either! To me, that says she is a powerful woman. She is physically strong, and has power of celebrity. 


Physical strength is one of the qualities often associated with powerful people, but it is not essential. Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind when I think of a powerful leader who did not rely on physical strength to communicate his ideals of non-violent civil disobedience. He led India to independence, and opened doors for others across the world to embrace their civil rights in a peaceful, non-violent, manner. His strength was in his beliefs, and in his convictions. His power came from practicing his principles in every situation, over many years. He said, “My life is my message.”

The women on Forbes magazine recent list of Powerful Women are chosen based on visibility and economic impact. Biographies of these women are fascinating. Hilary Clinton, Angela Merkel, (the Chancellor of Germany,) and Dilma Rousseff, (the President of Brazil,) are from the political arena, which both attracts, and requires prepared, powerful people. Whether they seek recognition and power, or gain it gradually through authoritative leadership, they push through barriers, open doors, and aren’t afraid to be the first one to step across the threshold… whatever that threshold might be.

Beyonce, Gandhi and Hilary Clinton on the same list? 

Yes. All are, or were, influential, capable and dynamic. But powerful people need not have global reputations. I chose these three examples because they would be familiar to anyone reading this blog. Yet in every “sphere of influence,” every business, every organization, there are powerful people. They are proficient, responsible and talented, with the ability to not only open doors, but to inspire others to follow them. Or, at least, to not change the channel when they are on stage!

Thanks Kathi for sharing your words with A Cracked Door!

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