Friday, February 8, 2013


I was listening to a Podcast out of BBC Radio 4 called Woman's Hour: News Politics, Culture this morning on my drive to work. It is the first time I have listened to this podcast so I wasn't sure what to expect. First, love the accents but I miss a lot of what is being said. Hopefully as I continue to listen and get used to the accents the words will become clearer. In this show they introduced a panel of people that are choosing a list of 100 of the most powerful women in Great Britain. The panel first discussed what they felt being powerful meant. That alone made me pause and ask myself the same question as I listened to their responses. Influence and money were mentioned along with the power of the written word.

I also read a few blog posts this week discussing Beyonce's performance and outfit at the Super Bowl. One of the post felt her outfit and performance wasn't befitting a powerful woman. The other post felt Beyonce's voice, performance and costume were all part of her power. 

I don't have a definite answer as yet but am curious to know what you feel the definition of a powerful person is?


  1. Hello Ginny. To me, I think that you have power over someone when you have the ability to change a person's perception of you, change one's belief, or even change one's image of oneself according to your persona or direction. If you can persuade someone to do something that is outside of your comfort zone.

    By the above definition of power, I guess Beyonce is a pretty powerful woman, whether you like her or not. I just wished that some of the women in this world would use their 'power' in a more constructive way! I understand that some women in this position are just meant to entertain us but...

    Rose Dostal
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  2. Power is often thought of in terms of "ability" or "capacity" to do something - whether you are talking about energy, authority figures, or even people.

    IMHO, the real "powerful" people are the ones that actually go out and make things happen (hopefully for good) no matter if they have or do not have the perceived abilities or capacity to do so

    As for Beyonce's attire, I got two words... Calvin Klein

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