Friday, August 17, 2012

Underwriters Laboratories Change in Width Limitation

a-fabco, inc. has recently been notified by all our Hollow Metal Manufacturer's that Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has issued a bulletin stating: effective immediately, any door smaller than 32" nominal in width may no longer have a fire label applied.  This applies to single doors & to individual leaves of pairs of doors. 

As of right now this applies to UL labels only not Warnock Hersey.

The actual FUSP Section General update will read:
   "The minimum width of the swinging fire door(s) covered by this procedure is not to be less than 32 inches unless there is a specific dimensional reference to a width less than 32 inches."

a-fabco, inc does a lot of hospital work and many of the corridor openings into OR rooms are unequal pair 4'0" / 2'0".  The majority of doors are specified as wood but now and again we get a request for hollow metal so this change is important to our customers.

Lori Greene has a detailed blog post on her blog I Dig Hardware regarding this change.


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