Monday, August 6, 2012


Saturday night brought the Yoga chickees together to celebrate two of our members birthdays.  These parties are always fun but Saturday was special.  I can't say why or how but it was.  Maybe it had to do with the fact that our hostess spent hours getting her lovely backyard ready with Japanese lanterns, lights, and fans to keep us cool and we had to dismantle it all in 10 minutes before the thunderstorm hit.  Or the fact that once all the food and beverages were inside the power went out. We squeezed in at the dining room table and ate by the fading daylight and candlelight.  We chatted and laughed as we always do when we gather together.  Somehow this laughter became deeper and continuous.  Perhaps it was because we started reading exerts from 50 Shades of Grey. Taken out of context how sexy can dropping a Converse sneaker really sound?  

I am not sure of the hows but I am very sure that the next morning my face and abs hurt from all the laughter and my voice was raspy.  As we emailed and chatted with one another throughout Sunday I realized I wasn't the only one who thought it was special.  We all did.  

I am very grateful to have these women in my life.  It was a night to remember!

PS As always during these parties I have sworn an oath I will not release any photographs on the internet.  As it should be. 

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