Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Requiem for Lets Blog Off


I am sadden to learn of the death of LetsBlogOff.  Born of Veronika Miller, Rufus Dogg, Rich Holschuh, and Paul Anater in June of 2010 to answer the question "what is design?"  With four parents it is no wonder the question inspired four different answers.  That, to me, is what has made LetsBlogOff so unique: a lively spirit full of varying thoughts willing to invoke discussion.   

I coo'd over all the LetsBlogOff participants for a few months but wasn't willing to personally join because the writing was so eloquent.  At least until November 2010 when the subject was too perfect. I had to high jack my BFF blog to write my very first blog post.   I am not a writer but that post was easy.  It was due to my own insecurities that it took another 5 months before the attraction became too much and my own blog was born just in order to participate in LetsBlogOff.    

The subjects have been varied.  From the serious Truth vs. Fact and Privacy Today to the funny Thumbtacks.  I believe that subject was picked on a dare :)  I have learned a lot too.  About writing.  About grace. About fun. About travel. About food.  About integrity.  Being fearless.  I also learned a lot about myself.  

I will never be a prolific writer but LetsBlogOff provided me a place to start.  I want to thank Paul, Rufus, Veronika and Rich for their inspiration, time, and generosity. I look forward to see what they conceive next!

Please take a moment and read my fellow participants posts:


  1. Ginny, You have the ability within you to write and letsblogoff just helped bring it out. Now you have the opportunity to continue that in a new direction.

  2. Ginny, thank you for mentioning me on your final LBO post. I'm honored.

    I am also thankful to have met you and the other LBO participants.

    I'm sure most of us will stay in touch!

    Viva La Twitter!

  3. Great post Ginny & I am soglad you finally did jump in as you do have a gift for writing. Dittos on Todd's comment above

  4. Todd - thanks so much for your support and wisdom!
    James - very grateful Twitter brought such wonderful people into my life!
    Sean - thanks for your support too! You rock!

  5. I remember your first blog quite well. In a lot of respects it really underlined what made this blog off venture so much fun. We all have different lives, different personas, different view points, different life experiences. Your volunteering to help with Thanks giving for thirty people made a wonderful blog. But as I said at the time, this old Army Cook lives for moments like that! But along with the genuine satisfaction of relaxing after a huge job like that is the satisfaction of having written on something on a subject you never thought you would write on. It’s a wonderful passion to have, and I will certainly miss your take on things.

  6. Joe - Thank you for your kind comments. It has been an honor to be part of LetsBlogOff and getting to know you. Reading about the joy of your marriage has been, for me, a special part of LBO. I haven't known any man be so open about their love for their wife.