Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flowers - It doesn't take much


Every two weeks Bloggers unite for a day to write about a communal topic. This week LetsBlogOff wanted to talk about flowers! 

I take care of a friends cat when she goes out of town and Easter weekend was one of those times.  I have written about her home before here.  Friday evening when I walked through her back gate I immediately inhaled a delightful whiff of jasmine.  Between the smell and the visual my whole body just relaxed.

Not just a pretty flower

When I arrived back home I saw this.  I have been walking past these dead mums since last November.   

How hard is it to go to a nursery or even a box store and pick up a flowering plant? 

It took a 3 day weekend but now I see this and it looks a lot better.  I bet my neighbors think so too!

Part of the issue is that my front porch faces West and the amount of sun it receives in the late afternoon wilts the best of plants.  After killing many many plants I now keep a watering can filled with water on the front porch.  Of course that didn't help the mums.  

Check out what my fellow LetsBlogOff gardeners have to say on the subject!


  1. Definitely looks better.

    1. Our problem in our back yard is too much sun! We have a very short list of flowers that will do well, as the sun hits that yard HARD! We brag about the weather in San Diego, but the truth is that the sun shines at least part of the day well over 300 days a year. And lots of those days the sun shines constantly--very little cloud cover, especially in the summer months.

  2. Thanks Sandy and Carol!

    Joe I understand exactly. When a plant says it takes full sun I am sure it doesn't take our intense Florida sun nor your San Diego sun either! Thanks for commenting!

  3. If it's any comfort I tend to kill plants too! Now I only buy herbs or plants I know can survive benign neglect!