Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Letter to Tampa's City Council

February 11, 2012

Dear Council,

As a salesperson in the building industry my job is to provide great service and product to my customers at the best price.  This typically means that I send out request for quotations to at least three and sometimes four different vendors. 

I understand the council is considering a multiyear rate plan increase of the residential garbage rates without providing the most basic provisions of customer service – getting pricing from multi contractors in order to procure the best price.  As a resident of The City of Tampa I am your customer and I expect you to provide the same excellent customer service that I provide to my customers.

The county trash rates are significantly less than the rates of Tampa which makes no sense to me.  It doesn’t seem that the new blue cans and new garbage trucks have saved the residents of Tampa any monies if the solid waste department is running in such dire financial burdens.  

Many of the residents of Tampa in one way or another is connected with the building industry and the downturn in economy has been difficult to say the least.  It might not seem like an additional $10.00 a month would put a financial burden on the residents but speaking for myself – that $120.00 add per year - does. My salary barely covers the basics provisions of food, gas, taxes etc.  I haven’t eaten out at a restaurant in years – not months – years.  I am grateful I have a job in order to keep my home.  I am grateful I chose to cut back on all extras in order to be able to keep my home.   The City should be doing more for its citizens to make sure my home and others are not added to the many vacant homes that are dotting our streets.

I am asking you to please deny the Solid Wastes Department request to increase their rates and instead cut back on extras as the citizens of Tampa have done in order to live within their means. 

Thank you.

Ginny Powell

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