Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mobile Hot Labs

I know I have talked about architectural doors & finish hardware before on this blog since that is my main biz but a-fabco actually offers the non lead doors as a compliment to all the lead products we manufacturer.  I want to share with you one of our coolest - a mobile hot lab which can be installed in either vans or trailers.

This is the marketing blurb on it:
Many heath care facilities have stationary hot lab work stations for radioisotope / PET unit dose usage and storage, but did you know we can put wheels on it? That’s right we can build a mobile hot lab work station to allow you to take the medicine to the people who need it most.

PET Trailer 
Van Mobile Hot Lab
 Our mobile hot labs are ideal for handling unit doses of high energy radionuclide for PET pharmacies, Gamma and Beta radiation. Our lead brick cave walls are made with an interlocking design to prevent leakage and assures stability. The casework can be shielded on all six sides with up to 2” of lead and can accommodate shielding for flood phantoms and low & high energy decay storage.  The sharp containers are designed to stand on or recess into the countertop and are a construction of steel and up to 2” of lead with a lockable option.

All hardware meets or exceeds heavy duty specifications and all interior casework and drawer exposed surfaces are covered with plastic laminate or stainless steel for easy maintenance.

This is amazing technology that is taken on the road.  The trailer typically parks near a hospital and would use an extension cord to run off the hospital's power.

I admit this technology is beyond my expertise but if seems to me we could do so much more with this.  In my head I keep asking myself what if we modified the design to make this a mobile doctor's office with an x-ray machine to be used in challenged areas of the world.  Would Doctors without Borders or AmeriCares somehow be able to use?  This type of custom medical office on wheels wouldn't be cheap I know but then I think about grants.

I don't have the experience or knowledge to be able to get there and maybe my idea wouldn't work at all but I just wanted to put it out to the universe.  

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