Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doors and Door Pulls of New York City

Some (most) people would find it strange that when I travel I look for interesting doors and hardware.  Thankfully my BFF and I are a lot alike in that regard.  While walking the streets of New York City here are a few of the more interesting doors and hardware we found.  I have to say I had you, JB @BuildingMoxie , in my mind with each snap.

Curved door pull built into the door

Arched Door at St. Thomas

Interesting door pull

A Door +

Large sliding doors

Beehive doors - unequal pair

Double Acting door

I guess you "wrench" the door open!

Guess what building this pull is on!

A gothic comedy club door pull

Park Plaza Doors

Door Pull at St. Thomas

Wrought Iron Gates at St. Thomas Church

Not a standard 1 3/4" Thick Door!

Beautiful hardware at St. Thomas Church

Very old hinges (see next photo)

Small door maybe just 6' tall St. Thomas Church

Chelsea Market Gate

Elevator Doors at Chelsea Market


  1. Very cool! I didn't get to spend much time on the streets of NY, but I hope to head back there soon!

  2. Great shots from NYC and I find it funny that we all look at things from our own business/life perspectives. You see doors and hardware, I see walls, structural elements, roofs that need repair,siding styles....

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  4. Very interesting doors and hardware!

  5. Lori - Maybe we need to meet in NYC for a research project! Thanks for commenting :D

    Todd - You are so right! Thanks:)

    Paul - Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Not strange at all to admire doors and hardware on your travels. I do it all the time even while walking about in NYC. Doors and hardware add character to a building, or retail, restaurant, or residence. One of my favorite doors is the massive door at anthropologie near union square! Deceivingly massive but not hard to pull. I also love the detail at the handle which is a bronze curved branch. And let's not forget the beautiful paneled doors of residences on Greenwich village!

  7. Hi Jeannie - we tried to find the beautiful doors of Greenwich Village but must have walked down the wrong streets. Would love to see a picture of the Anthropologie door & handle. Thanks so much for commenting.

  8. The next time you're in the City, check out the gates on the New York Palace. It's at 51st and Madison and they're the best ironwork in the city.

  9. heck of a survey for such a short trip. thanks for thinking of me Ginny and you know Oh! I'm lovin' it. Great seeing thru an experts eye if even just for a post. cheers!

  10. Paul - Thanks I will add it to my NYC Research list ;) Can't wait to go back! I get it know.

    jb - Maybe we need a research trip soon for the door book :)

  11. Great selection! NYC can be quite inspiring if you are not just running around like a crazy person! Will try to take some time to check these out myself and maybe I'll send you some new! Thanks for sharing!