Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Never enough….or is it?

My day job is getting a lot of my energy these days and I while I am grateful it does make it tough to keep up with the things I enjoy doing.  One of which is writing – who would have thought!  Last week I managed one blog post, I am not going to hold anyone’s interest that way!

During a conversation with a fellow blogger he mentioned he was also crazy busy with work and he was writing late at night so his sleep schedule was much shorter.  I have to give him and many other bloggers kudos to be able to write at night after a long day of work and family.  I only have the work part and my brain seems to turn off at 10:00 pm.    

Eight hours of sleep is recommended but so is a 40 hour work week.  Few Americans follow these suggestions if we are lucky enough to have jobs.   Does it hurt my quality of life? Probably.  Do I need to do a better job at balancing work, life, fun and health? Yes.

I do know I need to create more opportunity to allow my brain to relax and drift.  I remember lying on a seesaw when I was a kid watching the clouds go by and delighting when I found an animal lookalike in one.  Why was I in such a hurry to grow up!

A book club I belonged to was started to study the Artist Way by Julia Cameron.  Everyone enjoyed it and felt the suggestions were helpful to their lives.  I was working from home then and was able to dictate how my day went.  Now, not so much.

I am not complaining I am just trying to figure out how to organize my life better so I get 8 hours of sleep a night, have fun and work.  Feel free to offer what works in your life in the comments section below!  Now I am off to..zzzzzz.


  1. Hey, I know what you mean! I went to bed at 9:45 last night, and couldn't tell you the last time that happened! I think for me the struggle is to take the spare time I get to do the things I need to do, but sometimes I just want to veg out with that time. I guess both are right. Sometimes I need to be really productive, and sometimes just rest up. Maybe you should just do your blogging at work? :-) Ha!

  2. I can SO relate to your post. I work a full-time job (I'm on vacation this week!)and write a daily blog. Like you, I started the blog when I was working from home and could spend as much time as needed for the blog.

    In my case, the research for the blog takes up most of the time. I get up every morning at 5am to do research, go to work, and then come home to write the post. It is a grind, but I can't imagine not doing it.

    BTW, I'm currently reading the Artists Way! I am only a few chapters into it. I have heard very positive comments about the book.

    Best Wishes ~ Patricia

  3. It is definitely difficult to juggle work, fun and sleep with much success. At least for Americans. In my personal experience, a (not so) simple attitude adjustment works some of the time. Reminding myself when I'm busy that it's a good thing, and when I'm doing something fun to not be thinking about work! As for sleep, physical activity helps me get better quality sleep.
    I like Paul's suggestion of blogging at work!

  4. My apologies for not replying earlier. My work computer won't let me sign in for some reason.

    Paul - Ha! Don't think the boss is going to be ok with me blogging at work! It seems whenever I am doing the one (resting or chores) I am always thinking about the other! Thanks for commenting!

    Patricia - I hope you are enjoying your vacation! I am so impressed you do your research in the early morning hours. I am not sure my brain functions then :) Let me know how you liked the Artists Way when you are finished. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by on your vacation!

    Amanda (BFF) - I think being in the moment is something we both need to work on! So when we are visiting on the 30th we need to remember this! Thank you!

  5. Finding that perfect balance which works for you is hard. As for sleep I wouldn't worry to much about what is recomended, but what you need & allows your body to recoup from each days workload - for some it is 6 hours & for others it can go up to 10.

    As for blogging - while it may take a little longer to gather more readers, I don't see an issue with 1 great post a week & additional ones can count as a bonus

  6. See that little alarm in your picture? You might have to use it to force yourself to take short naps. I haven't taken my own advice, but it might work for you! Sometimes I will combine activities, such as writing a post during lunch. That kind of thing. I like to do some stuff longhand, so that I am physically away from the computer for a break.