Monday, March 18, 2013

Nice People

Driving into work today I was stopped at a red light at a small but busy intersection.  It was still dark.  I noticed on the opposite street a car with their hazards on and thought what a crummy way to start  week.  Then I realized there was a older woman sitting in the car.  I was trying to figure out how I could help her but I was on the opposite side and couldn't push the car out of the way, which is what she really needed.

As all this was going through my head a very nice big car whipped around into the parking lot that was nearest this woman's car.  Two men got out of the vehicle. The driver was a large powerful looking guy, dressed in business attire and the other person looked to be his son.  They chatted with the woman and then proceeded to push her car out of the intersection and into the parking lot where she would be safer and out of traffic.

My light had turned green at that point so I drove on but with a smile.  It was nice to see caring people and wonderful to see a father or mentor teaching a young person the joy of being nice.

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