Tuesday, December 4, 2012


As I mentioned in the last post (here) this past Friday & Saturday were spent holding a retreat at my house with my BFF.  We were talking goals, both professional and business, for 2013 and well beyond. 

It was serious stuff with some fun mixed in.  However I have two dogs and while I love my dogs they are a big distraction. I decided to ask a friend to take them for 36 hours.  She is a kind soul and agreed.  She also has a dog, Trixie, who I watch on occasion.  The 3 dogs get along great and have a good time together. 

Friday morning I dropped the dogs off at her house and returned to mine.  It was a odd thing.  Typically I am leaving to go out of town not returning to an empty house. 

I feel a little guilty admitting that I rather liked the quiet.  I liked that the house stayed clean.  I liked that I was able to sleep the whole night without interruption.   I liked that I was able to leave the house for lengths of time without thinking about dinner time.

My BFF and I worked hard over those two day and I really didn't miss the puppers.

Within 5 minutes of waving goodbye as she drove off toward home I got into my car and picked up my dogs.  There are pros and cons to having 4 legged friends but for right now I am good with the pros.  
This post was written as one of the exercises I set up during the retreat.  We were not allowed to get out of our respective beds Saturday morning until a blog post was written.  Notice I kept mine pretty darn short ;)


  1. I like that sort of goal for writing! Yes, I always feel ready to pick my four legged friend up. And, I look forward to seeing her every, single night. But, they can be a distraction for sure!

    1. I learned from reading The Artist Way it is a good idea to write 3 pages of long hand every morning before doing anything else. I haven't followed it but that is where this idea came from. I love my dogs but yes they can be a distraction!

  2. After having a dog for 17 years, whom I actually adored, I am sometimes ashamed to admit I like a dogless house and the less work and responsibility of it. I can relate to your article here. It heloed me to know other dog lovers sometimes benefit from a break. Crystal/RubyBeets