Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lead Glass

Leaded glass is the most expensive single construction item in a room requiring radiation protection and little thought is given to the size.  With  production limited to four countries around the world (none of them being the USA), most manufacturers/distributors keep limited stock quantities on hand, it’s more important than ever to design with stock sizes in mind. 

Each manufacturer has common and differing stock sizes. The two most prominent lead glass producers are located in Germany (Schott) and Japan (Nippon). Nippon produce sizes up to 96’’ wide by 48’’ high.  Schott's produce sizes up to 84’’ wide by 42’’ high. 

Where lead glass is concerned, bigger is not necessarily better. Many times, the size and placement of the view window can create not only unsightly clutter but the reflect in the cost. 

The difference between a piece of 96’’ x 48’’ with 1/16’’ (2.00mm) lead equiv. & a piece of 84’’ x 42’’ with 1/16’’ (2.10mm) lead equiv. is only a 1080 sq. in.  (7.5 sq. ft.), but with a current price difference of about $50.00 /sq. ft., there could be significant savings. 

Here is a chart to help determine the location and size for a view window frame.


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